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The Open Lab - UK

Lab as a Service - LaaS

Test drive any software appliance live - Before you buy!

On latest gen AMD / INTEL / OCP / GPU / Storage servers and more! 

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Our Lab offers a choice of two live racks: 

OCP (ORv2) & Open 19" - full size!

Both can be equipped with a wide range of latest-gen AMD, Intel & OCP servers. 

Availability from two locations

  • Canberra AUS  &  Cambridge UK

Enabling our partners and their SMB and SME customers to test-drive various Provider-Optimized, Software-Based appliances aka Hyperscale-Appliances, VM Ware, Warren io and more!

Live through the internet with the view of systematically determining the right solution for their business.

360˚Workload Design - including: 
Compute, Storage, GPU + App Stack!

Tested, verified + installed - prior shipping!


  • Each appliance available on LaaS consists of the full stack: From network, storage, compute to various software layers.


  • Built to a set of best practices enabling our partners’ cloud applications to be verified and benchmarked at scale.

  • LaaS is offered as a complementary service, clients must create an account and register to access any of these appliances running live from InfraBurst / Hyperscalers Data centers.

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Thank you! We will get in touch asap, to confirm. Our teams are based in GMT 0 + GMT + 1 and APAC during reg. business hours.

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