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Our Mission

Open made simple! 

How did lock-ins by DELL, HPE and other large hardware vendors become the norm? 

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We partner with hardware / software & solution providers,

who follow an open & lock in free approach! 

Via our solutions area, we provide a showcase platform for

our partners + their products and give clients access to

a unique selection of innovative, open and sustainable

hardware, software, solutions or appliances!

 And finally we also help our clients to integrate their solutions,

quickly create a PoC or simply Co Locate - with the greenest

Data Centers in the world! Through partnerships with

DC Owners / Operators across Nordics + UK / EU!

The first End to End Datacenter Supply Chain Alternative!

Step by Step: 

Find Out More 

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IaaS, Integration +

Appliance Design

Cutting Time to Value by up to 80% |

CoLocate with global leaders in Green IT

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Open OEM

Supply Chain

Custom & Open Tier 1 Original Hardware | Storage | Networking


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Complete Open

Cloud Solutions

Cutting Edge Immersion Pods |

AI controlled in Rack Cooling

 Become a Partner Today!


Our Partner Requirements:

  • Overall

  • Clear goals towards sustainability and openness 

  •  rating / report or other carbon rating  

  • Free from hardware or software lock ins on any level

  • Customer centric approach in Service and Support

  • Hardware Partners


         Server | Storage | Networking 

1)  BMC + BIOS firmware fully open or made accessible.

       By default or via service agreements, documentation etc. (with no extra cost!). 

          Why? - We believe clients should be free to choose, replace and upgrade any component at any point in time.

2) Design, build + test prior shipping - From level 6 (min.) to Level 11 (+) industry standard!
        This includes Lab as a Service - at no extra cost!

         Why? - We only choose partners or Tier 1 suppliers who have OEM status or manufacture and own their products / software 

         etc., to make sure our clients only receive their custom built products after rigorous testing, according to highest industry



3) Outstanding customer service & support!

       This includes a certain amount of free spare parts with their first delivery to keep on site

      + tailored and flexible SLA agreements with 0 lock ins as standard!

        Why? - We (Open OEM) always provide first level customer support for each product or solution we offer and we aim to make

        sure that our partners  deliver the highest standard of customer service -  Pre and after sale!

Join as a Partner Today!
We are always open to expand our vendor portfolio, so leave your details below and our partnerships team will get in touch asap.

Thank you! We will get in touch asap, to confirm. Our teams are based in GMT 0 + GMT + 1 and APAC during reg. business hours.

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