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Circular High Performance Systems and Servers - built to order!

ServerO Partner

Looking through the Servero store you will find a large variety of Supermicro Servers including 1U rackmount systems, from the Ultra series offering latest and greatest performance to the WIO series, offering proprietary designs focusing on maximum IO in limited space.

We also have a range of 2U Supermicro computers which are the sweet spot for customers looking for entry level storage systems or GPU based machines for the datacenter, but in both 1U and 2U you may wish to consider the high density Twin and TwinPro® series of machines giving 2 servers per 1U of rack space.

If you are looking for higher density, then look at the fantastic Supermicro MicroCloud series of 3U dense multi node machines optimised for the Cloud or the Supermicro MicroBlade® family or the high performance, high density and high efficiency SuperBlade systems.

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