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Hyperscalers - in exclusive partnership with

A New Open x86 Supply Alternative Free of Lock-Ins

Hyperscalers is the world’s first OEM offering the full IT spectrum under a new open x86 supply alternative to the traditional locked vendors. Hyperscalers offers a direct procurement alternative to identical but expense multiplied, locked and re-branded hardware offered by lockin oriented vendors. The practical impacts of this are:

  • Freedom from hardware lock-ins. When the time comes to upgrade RAM HDD or SSD or replace faulty parts like CPU or NIC (for example) you don't want to find yourself locked-in to any vendor.

  • Free from software and firmware lock-ins. Situations change all the time. Having the ability to re-purpose an appliance with alternate software / firmware eliminates the risk of sunk costs. is proud to be an exclusive partner with Hyperscalers across EU, UK, Nordics and Turkey.

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