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Introducing Our New Solutions Hub! Get testing on Virtual GPU, Ceph, ScaleFlux and more!

open oem solutions hub
Solutions HUB

Through our brand new "one click solutions hub" we now offer - together with Hyperscalers - more than 8 appliances to test instantly on a live environment running in our lab 24/7.

You can choose from RunAi, VM Ware, Ceph, ScaleFlux, Suse Rancher, Virtual GPU, Warren Self Service Cloud Platform and more!

Simply get your login details via the button on the Solutions Hub page and start testing today!

Or get in touch via the form the below for any questions.

Happy testing!



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Thank you! We will get in touch asap, to confirm. Our teams are based in GMT 0 + GMT + 1 and APAC during reg. business hours.

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