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Complete Self Service Cloud Platform For Regional Infrastructure Providers

Become the service provider your customers need! Choose from tailored & preconfigured fast start systems and hardware stacks, cooling + full end to end solutions!

Functionally rich, technologically modern, and architecturally reliable turnkey cloud commercialisation solution - packaged as a managed service and driven by your success to compete in the global landscape.

  • Full control of dedicated (not shared) physical hardware

  • Choice in physical location(s) of where workloads run to meet wide range of demands around security, data sovereignty and latency

  • Choice in performance-tiered hardware suited to carry the full spectrum of workloads – Tier 3 to Tier 0.

  • Data sovereignty - end-user data is kept within the country. Therefore this solution is good for government and financial institutions that are sensitive to the topic.

Highly scalable services for local infrastructure & hosting providers

KVM-based hypervisor covers all traditional virtual machine (VM) operating systems.

  • Provision of all common VM operating systems in seconds (incl. Windows).

  • Provision of VMs with exactly the needed size with attached storage as necessary.

  • Seamless built-in backups and one-click live snapshots for data protection.

  • The backups and snapshots are stored on Ceph distributed storage, generally with 3 replicas at any given point in time.

  • Simple and fast cloning of VMs or snapshots.

  • Built-in auto-migration distributes VMs across hypervisors for best performance, maintenance and reliability.

  • Zero downtime migration of VMs between physical hosts.

  • Auto live migration for optimization and reliability assurance.

  • Hypervisor level auto migration for disaster recovery.

NEW! Warren Metal Stack

Goes a step further by partnering with InfraBurst to provide a fully integrated hardware and software stack ready to be deployed in your data center.

Focusing on an extremely convenient and quick to market solution allowing a any infrastructure provider to expand their service portfolio and start offering a public infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

The Open Hardware Choices / Specs in Detail:

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