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NEBS 3 Certified Open OEM Edge Servers - Inside a Self Contained - Micro Immersion Pod

Up to 7KW in 6U equipped with up to 4 x Tesla T4 GPUs, 96 cores, 512GB Memory, 20TB NvmE - Plug & Play ready - No Vendor Lock in!

  • NUMA-Balanced infrastructures for lower latency transportation for Telecom & Edge ecosystems

  • Up to five PCIe expansion slots for GPU or FPGA accelerator cards

  • NEBS GR-63-CORE and GR-1089-CORE compliance edge server tested for extreme environments up to 55C for 96h + more

  • Supported AC or -48V DC power supply with both front and rear power inlets

  • 420mm ultra-short chassis is for footprint minimisation



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