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BMS T4048-IX8A 25G ONIE Switch

The Next Wave Enterprise Data Center 25G Switch



  • 48 x 25G SFP28 and 8 x 100G QSFP28
  • x86 CPU Support
  • ONIE Pre-loaded
  • ArcOS® Ready

BMS T4048-IX8A 25G ONIE Switch

  • BMS T4048-IX8A

    supports 48 SFP28 and 8 QSFP28 (1o/25/40/50/100GbE speed) ports in a compack rack unit size. By levering merchant silicon chip, T4048-IX8A is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3by and is a high performance high density Ethernet switch with advanced features such as smart table, dynamic load balancing, and VxLAN/RIOT support. T4048-IX8A also improves the performance for larger packet buffers and reduced latency. With ONIE (Open Network Installation Environment) pre-loaded T4048-IX8A can used for multiple network operating system which supports ONIE installer to achieve agile installation and fast response or the changing demand.

    Bare-metal switches are driving the data center market as the high demands for cost-effective switch platforms and flexibility open hardware from service providers. With the upcoming era of 5G, the demands of Bare-metal boxes will continue to be strong. 5G advances the network applications which will need high reliable and scalable infrastructure deployment. Bare-metal boxes are now penetrating the carrier network. This trend is migrating from bare-metal switches to bare-metal routers.

    Quanta Cloud Technology(QCT) provides a series of Bare Metal Switches, the QCT BMS product line, that addresses these changes in the data center market.  The QCT BMS product lines support speeds up to 400GbE speeds on its Ethernet Switches.  To meet the requirements of high performance, high availability, fast scale-out, low latency performance, and continuous serviceability in data center applications, the QCT BMS product line is the best choice.

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