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Balance Computing Performance with Low Power Consumption


  • New Intel Xeon-D Ultra Dense 1U Storage Server 
  • Embedded Dual 10GbE SFP+ Ports 
  • Sophisticated 3 Tiers Hybrid Architecture 
  • Hot-Swappable and Easy Service 
  • Perfect for software-defined-storage related applications, e.g. Ceph


  • Embedded Dual Ports 10GbE SFP+ LAN

    With 10GbE-KR dual ports embedded on mother board, the SDQ | SD1Q-1ULH provides outstanding outside connecting performance. It also features OCP LAN mezzanine card solutions for additional requirements. With various controller and different speed options, customers can tailor the SDQ | SD1Q-1ULH to their specific application needs.

    Sophisticated Hybrid Architecture

    Cache memory has become a must-have in software defined storage. As in related virtualization applications, cache memory also significantly boosts system performance and IOPS. The SDQ | SD1Q-1ULH is equipped with one PCIe M.2 2280 SSD on board and four SATA SSDs in system front side. In addition,  there are 12pcs 3.5” large capacity HDDs for main storage access purposes. Thus, the SDQ | SD1Q-1ULH has an ideal hybrid architecture system for tiered storage planning; it optimizes SSDs for accelerating IOPS and throughput, whiel keeping the large data storage capacity of HDDs.

    Hot-Swappable and Easy Service

    The SDQ | SD1Q-1ULH is designed with sophisticated architecture to support 12 hot-swappable hard drives within a 1U chassis, providing optimized rack density and delivering non-disruptive on-site service.

    With its Quanta patented design, inner cable chain and HDD carrier, the SDQ | SD1Q-1ULH is very convenient for servicing and significantly reduces time spent on system deployment. No external cable management arm is required on the back of the rack and the HDDs are easily accessible without opening the top cover or disassembling the whole system.

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