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NEW DC Series 42 U 100/60 BLACK
  • Protection level: EN 60529 IP20
  • Front and rear doors are 80% perforated for best air circulation.
  • Doors can be opened by 170°. It is 135° when mounted side by side.
  • 19” mounting rails are moveable in depth.
  • The front and rear doors are with 9 mm wide honeycomb
  • formed hexagonal perforations.
  • Static load carrying capacity is 1,500 kg. Dynamic load carrying capacity is 1400 kg.
  • Dimensions are as standard;
  • 42U, 45U, 47U height, 600 or 800 mm width and 1000, 1100 or 1200 mm depth. Project-based productions can be in 48U, 52U, 54U, 62U or any desired heights. 
  • Suitable for hot / cold aisle applications.
  • Provides professional cabling at the top, bottom and inside of the rack cabinet.
  • High grounding continuity is available. The grounding resistance is below 100 mΩ. EN 61587-1 subclause 8.2 application procedure is according to IEC 61010-1.
  • Provides an aesthetic and professional appearance in the applied areas, because of its design.
  • There are solutions available in the design for the application of on-cabinet cabling accessories, air routing accessories, cable management and organizing accessories.
  • Suitable for many different top closing solutions. It is suitable for all conventional standard corridor closure types, sigma profile corridor closure, barisol illuminated corridor closure, fire-opening type automated ceiling blocks and all corridor closure applications.

NEW DC Series 42 U 100/60 BLACK


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