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S5Z CSD Pre-Config 1PB U.2 in 2RU
  • Up to 1,024TB of storage in 2RU (16 x CSD 16TB U.2 QLC 20.0PB TBW with 4 x expansion) 
  • Up to 320 cores across 4 independant server nodes / sleds
  • 2 top Shelf Xeon® Scalable Processor Family*
  • Up to 16x DIMMs, 1DPC per node
  • Up to 3x PCI Expansion Slots per node** 
  • Total 16x Hot-swap U.2 Drives


Prices for storage can change rapidly, so please get in touch for an up to date, custom quote - we turn around your request within 24h!

S5Z CSD Pre-Config 1PB U.2 in 2RU

  • The S5Z | T43Z-2U based on PCIe Gen 4.0 and Intel's 3rd Generation Processor Family (Ice lake) is a high performance, multi node server offering eight (8) CPU and upto 320 cores in 2RU as part of four (4) independent nodes.

    Each node offers two (2) CPU Sockets for up to 80 cores using Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8380 Processor 40cores each, 16 Memory slots for up to 4TB DIMM, four (4) CSD U.2 NVMe for up to 256TB per node or up to 1,024TB in 2RU chassis, two (2) M.2 NVMe for OS or caching, and three (3) x PCIe 4.0 expansions slots for Network Interface Cards NIC or accelerators like GPU. 

    Hyperscalers has qualified Computational Storage Drives by ScaleFlux across our hardware range as well as our software defined appliance range to offer customers outcomes that quadruple storage capacity, double performance, and halve flash cost.

    Quadruples Capacity

    Utilizes hardware engines to transparently compress data on writes and decompress the data on reads, enabling customers to multiply the effective capacity of the Flash up to 4x.

    Doubles Performance

    Testing by customers, industry leaders and ScaleFlux technologists shows that applications can achieve 2x or more performance with consistently low latency compared to the same systems using ordinary SSDs.

    Halves Flash Cost

    Through multiplying the effective capacity of the Flash without penalizing performance, CSD 2000 users can slash the costs of their Flash infrastructure while meeting performance & latency goals.

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