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S5P | T22P-4U

Ultra-Dense Extreme Performance storage server


  • Available with either 1 or 2 server nodes(*1)
  • Extremely high density up to 78 HDDs
  • Optional 2 hot-swappable NVMe for caching
  • 1 M.2 on board per node for OS redundancy
  • Dual SAS path design to release the bottle neck of SAS card

    S5P | T22P-4U

    • Performance Improved

      2 optional U.2 for caching

      Along with 70 HDDs, 2 additional NVMe SSD can improve the performance of random access by storing frequently accessed data on the SSD cache.

      Advanced SAS topology design

      Through 2 SAS card managing 70 HDDs, it will release system throughput 2 times than 1 SAS card. This design makes Quanta T22P-4U storage server performance much improved than previous generation.

      Maximized Storage Density

      Aimed at streaming file, massive object or block level data stores for cloud environments, archive and data analytics with up to seventy-eight 3.5” SAS/SATA hard drives, each up to 1PB in capacity, QuantaPlex T22P-4U provides exceptionally high storage density while leveraging high-efficiency power to maximize performance-per-watt savings to reduce TCO.

      Efficient System Assembly and Deployment

      To install higher density and large number of hard drives into one system is time consuming for system integrators and IT administrators. With innovated screw-less hard drive carrier design, QuantaPlex T22P-4U allows operators can complete the system assembly in the short time, which is significantly reduce the deployment and service time.

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