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D52B-1U | S5B

SPECIAL OFFER - Chassis + RAID S5B Mezz BD 3516 ASSY 4G 9460-16i


Price shown includes the RAID (approx. value of 500USD alone), plus:


  • 2x Heatsinks for Intel Xeon 1st + 2nd Generation Processors (upon request - final spec varies)
  • 2x PSUs
  • 12 Frontbays (all flash storage SKU)
  • Rail Kit
  • Flexible and Scalable I/O options
  • Up to 12 x U.2 NVMe Drives
  • Quick Deployment and Maintenance
  • Optional MicroSD card to record system health logs without opening chassis


Also available as fully configured systems - get in touch below for a quick quote / estimate.

D52B-1U | S5B

  • Flexible and Scalable Configurations for Hyperconverged Datacenters

    Faster socket interconnect, 1.5x memory bandwidth and 2x FLOPs peak performance capability with Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family.

    Up to 112 vCPUs per server and 3.9x higher virtualized throughput compared to previous platforms based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5


    Unleashing Computing Performance

    Up to 5 PCIe expansion slots in a 1U chassis
    Flexible I/O options, including a variety of SAS mezz and OCP NIC/ PHY mezz options, so users avoid the extra expense of unnecessary LOM or RAID controllers.

    Sophisticated Power and Thermal Design to Avoid Unnecessary OPEX

    Minimized power consumption during system idle mode
    Support for the industry’s most efficient 80 Plus Titanium PSU options
    Precise power and airflow distribution to ensure performance stability under all levels of system loading

    Quick Deployment and Maintenance

    Tool-less HDD, fan, PCIe card exchange

    Optional MicroSD card to record system health logs without opening the chassis even when powered-off
    Intuitive data center management with QCT System Manager (QSM) via integration with industry standard RESTful API and Intel® Rack Scale Design (RSD).

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