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F06D - OCP 2U 4Nodes

Open Cloud Server inspired platform


  • Industry leading converged 32 * 2.5'' 12GB/s SSD bays in 2U 
  • Converged 4N, 2 * CPUs per node total 144 CPU Cores 
  • Latest Generation Platform with DDR4  
  • Open Rack 1.0 Compatible  


Take Advantage of the Open Compute Spec v.3.0


Quanta F06D is a next generation converged infrastructure solution that consolidates the compute (server) tier and the storage tier (up to 32x disks) into a single, integrated system. Quanta F06D utilized the full advantage of the latest Open Compute Motherboard spec v.3.0, which are the same motherboard that powers the one of the largest datacenter in the world. Open Compute Motherboard spec v.3.0 had validated with the industry’s highest reliability standards, it is also the single most manufactured motherboard in the world for its astonishing manufacturing perfection. It tailors these for mainstream enterprise and high-performance-computing.


Highest Storage Density in Multi-node Infrastructure 


F06D’s innovated highest density storage design offers the converged infrastructure the deliver service more economically and efficiently with lowest latency. The power of convergence is best demonstrated by the integration of system-level overall 32x 2.5” hot-swappable storage into the server tier to drive faster I/O performance. Having compute and storage resources must be co-resident to deliver data I/O with low latency and with the ability to scale without constraints. Quanta F06D converges compute and storage into a single system, eliminating the need for traditional storage arrays. The convergence of compute and storage into a single appliance provides a flexible, scalable building block for the modern datacenter.

F06D - OCP 2U 4Nodes


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