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Beat the Vendor Lock in!

Open and Sustainable 
Datacenter Infrastructure

The Open OEM Supply Chain Alternative - Offering OCP & Open 19" Solutions

Free From Hardware & Firmware Lock-ins!


What we offer

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What is Open OEM?

Open OEM Vs Locked OEM 

How did lock-ins by DELL, HPE and other large OEM vendors become the norm? 

Featured Products 

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Discover our Products & Solutions

Complete Open Cloud  Solutions for Next Gen Service Providers

IaaS, PaaS, Bare Metal, ERP, SAP, Ai, HPC, Big Data, Deep Learning, Crypto and much more.....

What makes us different?

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IaaS, Integration +

Appliance Design

Cutting Time to Value by up to 80% |

CoLocate with global leaders in Green IT

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Open OEM

Supply Chain

Custom & Open Tier 1 Original Hardware | Storage | Networking


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Complete Open

Cloud Solutions

Cutting Edge Immersion Pods |

AI controlled in Rack Cooling

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